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Sanandaj chamber of commerce, the most ancient administrative guild institute of Kurdistan

Historical documents demonstrates that the background of launching chamber of commerce, industries and mines of Sanandaj dates back to 1311 Hijri. In this year, the guild institute was formed with the title of “Sanandaj business chamber”. The above document which is kept in the Ahvaz chamber of commerce, industries and mines, has been written to greet inauguration of Sanandaj chamber by “Haj Ghomashchi” the first head of Sanandaj chamber on Bahman 4th 1311. Context of the document is as follows.

Dear Ahvaz chamber of commerce, with hopes for your success
According to the delivery of writing 1311/10/1-339 based on greeting the inauguration of the chamber, now the members of Sanandaj chamber of commerce present their gratitude and sincere thanks to that dear friend and they hope all the chambers of commerce to cooperate in this age of increasing bliss of beneficent God with the attention of supreme state authorities. We pray for public success on the way of serving the economy situations and development of national commerce.
Head of Sanandaj chamber of commerce
Haj Ghomashchi

Also based on the surveys that the Kurdish researcher Mr. Abdolhamid Heyrat Sajadi performed, the initial individuals who became a member of Sanandaj chamber was nine persons. Their names are as follows.

Haj Abdolah Ghomashchi, Haj Abdolsamad Sabooni, Mirza Karim Dabaghzade, Mirza Mohamadsaeid Bozorgi, Mirza Mohamad Rashidi Mirza, Abdolah Aghajani (Jew), Mirza Mahmood Rahimzade, Mashalah Khaleghian, Haj Ahmad Karbasi

Nowadays, after 83 years of that date, this institute is still active and dynamic. The Sanandaj chamber now has about 300 businessmen of active members in Kurdistan and their activities have grown substantially in recent years due to regional economic developments.

Providing the fields of developing and advancing the province economic affair within the framework of economic policies of the country and using collective wisdom in resolving the production and business obstacles and optimal use of human resources and available facilities.

Functions of the chamber are defined according to objectives and plans of Iran chamber in provincial level, and most important of them are as below:

  • Establishing coordination and cooperation between the businessmen and the owners of industries, mines and agriculture in implementation of related laws and current regulations of the country
  • Providing an advisory opinions concerning economic problems of the country including those related to commerce, industry, mine and agriculture to all three branches of government
  • Cooperating with executive enterprises and other concerned authorities in order to enforce regulations and laws related to the chamber
  • Establishing relations with chambers of commerce in other countries and holding joint committees with them according to general policies of Islamic Republic of Iran system
  • Establishing domestic and foreign specialized and commercial exhibitions with the permission of industry, mine, and commerce ministry and participating in seminars and conferences concerning commercial, industrial, mineral, and agricultural activities within the framework of Islamic Republic of Iran system policies
  • Attempt to identify the export goods market of Iran overseas and encourage and contribute to concerned institutes in order to participate in domestic and foreign exhibitions of commerce
  • Encourage and persuade to domestic investments in production affairs specially export goods production that have comparative advantages
  • Attempt in order to review and arbitration about domestic and foreign commercial problems of members and other applicants through arbitration center
  • Establishing an economic statistics and information center in order to performing chamber’s duties and activities
  • Issuing a membership card based on Iran chamber regulations in order to complete the documents of issuing a commercial card
  • Establishing export and import unions and production syndicates in the field of commercial, industrial, mineral, and agricultural and service activities in accordance with related regulations
  • Holding functional courses in various majors
  • Holding short-term training courses compatible with the needs of economically active individuals

In order to fulfill long-term perspective purposes of country and basic theory of national development and orientations of territorial planning and attention to superior documents and features of province and functions and main duties of the chamber, the objective and perspective and planning in Kurdistan is to achieve the average rate of development of country relying on province advantages and to promote the organizational status in Sanandaj chamber.

Function assertion
The chamber of commerce, industries, mines, and agriculture considers helping to create the perfect atmosphere for entrepreneurship and eliminating the business obstacles and developing economic sectors of province via perusal, planning, informations, guides, and consultation, and also implementing the absorption policies and encourage and development the investments, as its inherent task. In this way, some private natural and legal persons are the applicants for investing in industry, mine, agriculture and business section, and entrepreneurs and applicants for information such as university professors and students, experts and researchers, are considered as customers in the province.
Along with the growth and development of technology in country, we are decided to equip our administrative system in this framework with internet and intranet networks and required specialized apps and take steps towards utilizing the ICT and IT networks. Comparative advantages for chamber’s success is geographical location, accessing to neighbor markets, natural resources and agriculture products and rich mines, specialized and interested human resources, that we hope we can first acquire our real place, using features, among chambers of other provinces of the country specially neighbor and same-level districts, then see promotion of economic indicators in the province and improved business environment. To realize this, the chamber treats its human resources as progress axis and believes that compensation of backwardness will be only subject to serious attention to growth and available efficiency and attract resources and use of collective wisdom and use of expert’s professional opinions.
Briefly, the chamber assertion is announced as follows:

  1. Help to create a perfect atmosphere for entrepreneurship and eliminate the business obstacles
  2. Provide consultation and participation in economical decides and decision making processes at the region level
  3. Empowering enterprises and members
  4. Help to promote the position of private sector
  5. Organize the information and offering advices in various sections of economic
  6. Help to making the future of economic thoughts of community and dissemination of culture of wealth creation and social justice
  7. Expanding international relations and business networking
  8. Help to promote the province place in economic sphere of the country
  9. Empowering the Sanandaj chamber of commerce and promote its place at national level in order to service economically active individuals
  10. Help to development of economic system of the province

Fundamental values governing Sanandaj chamber

  1. Preserving human dignity and human values
  2. A sense of responsibility in answering users of chamber services specially investors and entrepreneurs of agriculture, industry, mine, business and service sections, and respecting their dignity and their social status
  3. Mutual respect and increase cooperation and empathy of chamber staff and other beneficiaries
  4. Attempt to preserve and promote human and job skills and abilities of colleagues and beneficiaries of chamber

The future prospect of Sanandaj chamber
The chamber of commerce, industries, mines, and agriculture of Sanandaj is decided and hopeful to provide the field of promotion of province economic indicators in terms of per capital income, amount of investments, value added and occupation within the framework of perspective and general economic policies of the country, by providing the ground of development and progress of economic affairs and improving the business atmosphere and optimal use of human forces and available resources, and promote its place among other chambers in addition to acquiring basic rankings.

Some historical documents and past heads of Sanandaj chamber

بازدید [ 1164 ]